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三迪介紹 / SanDi introduction

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    產品詳細資料,請聯系就近三迪各辦事處工程師索取,或撥打咨詢熱線 400 6699 418.

As a linear bearings manufacturer, NB is serving a variety of customers in many industries such as general machinery, semiconductor equipment, special purpose machines.
The NB SPINDLE is a further contribution to the industry. From parts to the spindle unit NB conducts integrated production through total manufacturing.
Please contact us for any requirement.


NB SPINDLE is backed by expertise gained from decades of experience in high accuracy machining.

ロールシャフトNB keeps supplying high quality products through skilled labor with time-nurtured skills, time-tested production process and technology, in addition to a help of the state-of-the art technology and equipment.
We have a belief that high processing technology is the key to customer-satisfaction.

Outer Surface MachiningRange
Maximum diameter650mm
Maximum length6000mm
Surface roughnessRa0.4
Straightnesscustomer specification
Concentricitycustomer specification
Perpendicularitycustomer specification
Cylindricitycustomer specification
Internal Surface Grindingstraight or tapered internal portion
Deep Hole Machining
Hole diameterMaximum length
one sidethrough hole
Screw Grindingtriangular and trapezoidal screws
Matched partsspecial nuts to match a given shaft, tapered portion of inner or outer diameter to match a given shaft or bearing
General machiningcenter tapping, step machining, V-groove machining, screw machining, plate-groove machining, key-groove machining, flat surface machining, spot hardening
Surface Treatmentindustrial chrome plating, low temperature black chrome treatment, other customer request
Thermal-spraying Ceramic-coating (best-suitable for parts that require wear and corrosion resistance)
(1) standard material
high carbon chromium bearing steel (SUJ2)
chrome molybdenum steel (SCM415, 435)
carbon steel for machinery (S45C)
martensite stainless steel (equivalent to SUS440C )
austenite stainless steel (SUS303, 304)
steel alloy for tools (SKS3, SK4)
aluminum chrome molybdenum steel (SACM645)
(2) standard ceramic for thermal-spraying
main component: TiO2 titanium dioxide
specific gravity: 4.7
hardness: 58HRC or more
maximum temperature: 540℃
color: black
fine surface finish by grinding

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