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三迪介紹 / SanDi introduction

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Medium (180 – 1700 Nl/min)

Medium (180 – 1700 Nl/min)

Medium (180 – 1700 Nl/min)

Initial vacuum flow range

Piab piINLINE vacuum ejector midi


piINLINE? MIDI are light-weight, high capacity inline ejectors which use the patented COAX? technology inside. piINLINE? also has a pending patent since it is the only inline vacuum generators based on multistage ejector technology. They can be mounted directly on the hose close to suction cup (or point of suction). Piab’s piINLINE? ...

Piab P5010 vacuum pumps


P5010 is a MIDI COAX? based vacuum pump model. It has been developed to fit in the same “family” as the P3010, with the patented compact and modular housing/connection modules. At the heart of the P5010 is a newly developed COAX? vacuum cartridge based on the push-in principle. The energy efficient P5010 is designed mainly for automated ...

Piab P6010 vacuum pumps


Based upon the patented COAX? technology, the PIAB P6010 provides up to 40% more flow than conventional vacuum pumps, while still reducing overall energy consumption. A durable, maintenance-free, design makes the P6010 ideally suited for automated material handling and other manufacturing processes in the automotive, robotic, graphics ...

Piab piCLASSIC vacuum pumps


Our Classic pump series has been upgraded to piCLASSIC with COAX? cartridges, providing an improvement up to 22% in energy efficiency. It is available with 70% more vacuum flow capacity versus old Classic models. It is a modular pump which gives the opportunity to increase capacity upon need. The number of cartridges can vary from 1-6. ...

Piab Classic vacuum pumps


The remaining CLASSIC pumps, not replaced by piCLASSIC, consist of H-series vacuum pumps for high vacuum applications and/or chemically aggressive environments. The pump body and ejector nozzles are made of a highly resistant PPS plastic material. The unique H-series can reach 5 mbar absolute pressure (-100.8 kPA) in a perfectly sealed ...

Piab Lab Vacs vacuum pums

Lab Vacs

Lab Vacs are a special version of Piabs traditional vacuum pumps developed to be used within the chemical industry, and especially in laboratory environments. Common applications are rotary evaporation, vacuum filtration, degassing and similar applications.

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