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      SMC Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

      Product model:Yz-71


      Feature:Clean renewable energy use composite materials, including wind power with composite materials, flue gas desulfurization device with composite materials, power transmission transformation equipment with composite materials natural gas, hydrogen pressure vessel

      Composite Material Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

      Product model:Yz71


      Feature:Cars, urban rail transit with composite materials, including car body, frame car body covering parts, rail transit car body, door, chairs, cable trough, cable rack, grille, electrical box, etc.

      Composite Material Forming Hydraulic Press Machine

      Product model:Yz71-2000T


      Feature:The field of chemical, textile machinery manufacturing. It has good corrosion resistance of carbon fiber resin matrix composite material, can be used in manufacturing chemical equipment, textile machine, paper machine, photocopier, high-speed machine tool, precision instrument so on. In the medical field. Carbon fiber composite materials have excellent mechanical properties non-absorptive X-ray properties, which can be used to make medical X-ray machines orthopaedic scaffoldings. Carbon fiber composites also have biocompatibility blood compatibility, good stability in biological environment biomedical materials.

      Large Box Type Composite Molding Machine

      Product model:


      Feature:Movable Table, Displacement Sensor, Knocking Device, Mould Exchanging Trolley, Cooling Device, Cushion Device, Photo-electric Safety Device System Oil Heating Device, Industrial Touch Screen, Automati

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